Jabba's Throne, V2

Since completing the first version of my scratch built Jabba's Throne, a few things had been bugging me. In particular the lack of accuracy on the gargoyle heads. Having played around a little with the Vintage 3.75" throne it was clear the gargoyle heads here were oversized and would look fine on a 6" scale version. So the hunt began to grab two thrones at reasonable prices... and I finally bagged these last week with two broken versions from ebay at a little under £10 combined for both.

The construction of V2 is identical to the first version. All that has changed are the gargoyle heads which have been drilled, fitted with a metal 10mm split ring and then painted. The heads with the holes in were filled with milliput and then sculpted and drilled out. 

Paintwork is a little smoother on this version after learning loads from V1, but has come out a little greyer than I would have liked. Am sure that between now and Jabba landing this will either grow on me, or I will be repainting it soon. 

Oh and I even added Jabba's "toilet" this time round for added accuracy. It will never be seen, but makes me smile to know its there.

I have stuck V1 up on Ebay to try and recover some of the money I have spent so far on this project. You can see the auction here, runs until 20th July

Full set of images are in the gallery here