Jabba's Throne

Did I mention I also do the odd custom?

When the Jabba figure for TBS6 was announced I began toying with the idea of a throne, but waited to see what SDCC would bring. With the disappointment of the SDCC being only a cardboard throne I decide to go ahead and see what I could build for the "coming of Jabba"

Starting with the dimensions of the 1/6 Sideshow Throne, I scaled these down and cut the item from insulation foam, which is easier to shape than polystyrene.

2014 05 22 14 14 46

The grooves and recesses for the gargoyles were cut into the foam, and the whole thing covered in PVA newspaper

Once dry the item was painted with a DIY tester pot from Wickes called "mushroom", this was then drybrushed with another tester "Ivory". Finally some dirt was added using standard black acrylic which was scuffed on with the end of a brush then wiped off.

The gargoyles heads, although not accurate, are from a Papo Cerberus Toy - so only 2 dogs are needed to get 6 heads. These were painted in gun metal then drybrushed in copper. The rings are fibre washers for taps. If I can pick one up cheap enough I "may" consider seeing how the gargoyles from the vintage throne look both in terms of size and sculpt. 


Final touches at this stage include scraps of leather and dolls house cushions.

All I need now is Jabba and the SDCC exclusive.... that will be the hard part

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